For whatever reason--escapism, suspense, excitement, or steamy supernatural romance--us avid readers just can't get enough of the paranormal these days.

So, in the sea of stories filled with vampires, ghouls, shape shifters, demons, and oh-so-much more--what makes a manuscript or book in that genre really stand out?

Certainly, great writing is always key, and the creation of a whole new world that engages readers in its rules and realities is also a plus. But when an author is able to reach for the fantastical while creating authentic "human" characters (alive, dead, or undead), then you know you have picked up a winner.

Terri Garey, author of DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY and A MATCH MADE IN HELL, has that winning touch, and, if you haven't read her fun, quirky series, I suggest you get started!

YOU'RE THE ONE THAT I HAUNT, Garey's third book about former goth-girl and vintage clothing store owner Nikki Styx--a twenty-something who died, saw the bright light, and was sent back again to help restless spirits find peace--hits bookshelves today (2/24/09)

Witty, down-to-earth, believably flawed, and determined to do what's right, Nikki Styx is bound to find a place in your, get going, already!

Which other paranormal writers or characters have captured your heart or imagination?



Blogger Terri said:

Hey, thanks for the kind words, Amanda! (and I love your Meez!) Now I know what you look like. :-)

4:43 PM  

Blogger ChariDee said:

EEP! Lots of good books released today. Looks like I'm gonna have to break down and online order!

I LOVE this series!

9:55 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This does sound intriguing! It's true I'm biased to romance with a touch of the fantastic-personally, I think if a writer has the imagination to concoct paranormal elements for a book they usually have the ingenuity required to create believable, dynamic characters, too-but this is not the type of book I'd usually pick up. My favorites are a little more sci-fi, a little less paranormal-such as the Twilight series, The Golden Compass Series, Madeline L'engle's fantasies, Stranger in a Strange Land, etc-but Nicki's particular dilemma-especially because I have a similar mission in life to help (living) people find peace-sounds too stirringly complex to pass up.

6:08 PM  

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