I've always been a big fan of Neil Gaiman but I've never read any of his young adult/children's books until I started noticing the amazing ads for the 3D version of the movie CORALINE.

The story is about a lonely young girl who finds a magic door that leads to her Other Mother--a woman who looks just like her real mother except she pays more attention to Coraline, cooks amazing meals...and has buttons for eyes. How creepy is that?!?

The book is amazing, the movie is gorgeously done (my only complaint was that the 3D glasses were somewhat ill-fitting and not that cute). Though there is a wonderfully strange, scary, suspenseful tone to the story, there's also a sense of magical child-like wonder that was really quite enchanting. Truly, this is a book for children of all ages.

So do yourself a favor, get this book (and really any and all of Gaiman's works) and see the movie!

As for me, next on my list is THE GRAVEYARD BOOK!!


Blogger JennaPetersen said:

I *love* Neil Gaiman. His Sandman graphic novels are awesome and GOOD OMENS (which he did with Terry Pratchett) is one of my top ten favorite books.


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