Hook, Line, and Smooch

My daughter has recently (finally) reached the age where she's reading real books. No more Angelina Ballerina and Madeline, but the Little House books, THE WITCH OF BLACKBIRD POND, ELLA ENCHANTED, and LITTLE WOMEN fill her shelves now.

As a mother, I am so glad she's reading at grade level or above, and as a bookworm, I am so psyched to have, at long last, someone else in the house who likes romantic books.

The males in our house like books with action, suspense, supernatural powers or historical significance, and exploding things. Don't get me wrong--I love all those things, too. They're just vastly improved by a little romance added to the mix. I've no shame in admitting doing my best to reinforce this belief in my daughter, but she's also come to it on her own.

After we watched PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (1996 BBC version), she wanted to dress as Elizabeth Bennett for Halloween. Can you imagine my pride as all the neighbors asked who she was, and she named a literary romance heroine? I didn't see any Heathcliffs or Anna Kareninas collecting Snickers bars on our street.

It's not just the clothes, although she did love her dress and bonnet. When we watched WUTHERING HEIGHTS on Masterpiece, she whispered to me asking if there was a happy ending. Once I admitted there really wasn't, she wasn't very keen to see the second episode.

I'm already thinking ahead--WAY ahead--to when she can read some of my favorite romances; I bet she'll love the Bridgertons, for instance. Maybe someday she'll even read A VIEW TO A KISS, which has a lot of things she likes: spies, disguises, a dangerous suspense plot with exploding things, a heroine with a best friend who shares her secrets, and kissing at the end. My girl likes it when they kiss at the end...just like her mother.

What first romance would you give someone--your daughter, sister-in-law, new neighbor--to get them hooked?

Caroline Linden

[For those of you who haven't yet read Caroline Linden, this is a first for her. Not her first published book, but A VIEW TO A KISS is her first Avon Romance. We're so pleased to have her on our list. So, as far as firsts go, this is an exciting one for Avon--and hopefully for you all as well.]


Blogger Patricia said:

I introduced my daughter to Dean Koontz (I know, not a romance writer, but some lovely characters)and she has become a fan of his too.

2:26 PM  

Blogger Santa said:

I've turned my daughter into a full blown romance reader. Yay, me! She's been reading YA books for a few years now, among them a number of Avon YA historical romances.

I picked up the anniversary edition of The Princess Bride. She ran for the book and she, and her younger sister, are die-hard fans.

We've also watched the Colin Firth (and best) version of P&P. She is now reading the book and enjoying every page. And I almost fell off my chair but she would also like to dress like Elizabeth Bennett for Halloween - gown, spencer, and all.

2:14 AM  

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