News from DC, so far

Hi everyone! I’m down in DC this week for the inauguration celebration. So far, it’s been really great. The mood is very upbeat, and, so far, I haven’t seen any ugliness. Seems like everybody realizes that there are a lot of people here and they’re prepared to deal with it.

My first night here, my friends and I made cookies (well, they made them. I don’t bake.). And then we decorated! It was messy, and fun, and delicious.

Today, we volunteered at RFK stadium making care packages for the troops.

There were so many people there! I think the statistic that I heard is that Operation Gratitude (one of the partners for this event) usually makes 100,000 care packages a year. We made over 80,000 today! There were service events all over the city and country, and I think it’s going to get people to volunteer more--I know I’m going to look for more opportunities as soon as I get home.

Well, that’s all for now. I have to get up very early tomorrow so I can bundle up and get down to the mall. More to come!

If any of you are down in DC, leave your stories and pictures in the comments!


Blogger Laura said:


I'm so envious! Wish I could have been there. So glad you were. Keep the info coming!

The cookies look fab-u-lous!


11:11 AM  

Blogger May said:

Can't wait to hear your inauguration stories in person!!

12:18 PM  

Blogger Erika said:

I was looking for you on tv.

2:25 PM  

Blogger Jordan Dane said:

Of course you went to DC. I love it! You have to post more when you get back.

2:25 PM  

Anonymous Lyssa said:

So fantastic that you went! Will definitely be a story to tell the kids. :) I was also looking for you in the crowds... Want to see more pictures and hear stories when you're back.

4:09 PM  

Blogger ESI said:

Hi everyone! More pics will go up today or tomorrow. It was fantastic--see you soon!

4:20 PM  

Anonymous Juliana Stone said:

Esi, so glad you made it there safely and sounds like you're having a blast! I too kept looking for you on tv! LOL...take care and keep warm!

10:19 PM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:

That is so awesome Esi! Can't wait to hear more!


8:32 AM  

Blogger Maria said:

I wished I would have joined the celebration with you. Thats would have been the amazing experience.

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9:06 AM  

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