It's Winter! For once it seems to be winter all across the country--17 degrees in Atlanta, I heard! ...and even colder in Chicago.

This is the icicle outside Susan Elizabeth Phillips' window.  I can just imagine her writing as she watches her backyard.  It's certainly  the perfect time to snuggle up with a book, especially if you read one of our recent titles.

So many of "my authors" have titles this month, I wanted to share their blogs.  First, Meg Cabot publishes her final princess book, in conjunction with an absolutely fabulous historical romance (for adults) called RANSOM MY HEART.

I was lucky enough to see her in New York last week, where she had an amazing event at the New York Public Library. Also, check out Meg's blog about the Tiara Event and Auction.

Vera Wang Tiara

Also, the talented Michael Lee West, has just alerted me to her blog. She has some great pictures of her farm in Tennessee and displays her talent for interior design.  MERMAIDS IN THE BASEMENT is her most recent title, and it's so much fun.
(by Tirgana)


Anonymous Mia Colluci said:

What? Meg Cabot finished her princess series? I find it exciting and fun to read.

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