Ha! Caught you. This isn't about what you're thinking. Though, of course, we can discuss that at another place and time.

I'm talking about the first time you read a writer who becomes one of your favorites--specifically, Rachel Gibson. When I first joined Avon two presidents ago, one of the first titles I worked on was SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, her first novel. It was already done--I just tied up the loose ends of the publishing process. But I read it, and I loved it, and I became convinced that Rachel was onto great things.

I'm not always right, but this time I was. Although lots of readers do, I never think of Rachel's books as "romantic comedy." There's funny stuff, sure, but there's a whole lot of depth there, too.

The original version of SI also had a cover that was considered wildly immitated in its day--and it was copied all over the place, until that trend ran its course. (And, like most trends, I figure it'll return eventually.)

Remember these -- the "cartoon covers?" They were so fresh and unique at the time. I always loved them, and I'm sort of sorry they're out of fashion, but we must move on!

We have re-released SI with a fantastic new cover that I really like. But do any of you out there miss the cartoon covers just a little bit?


Blogger penney said:

Sounds like a great book I'll be getting it.
Happy 2009

11:00 AM  

Blogger Rowena said:

I miss the pretty colored covers though the new cover for SI looks great as well.

9:43 PM  

Blogger Shemah said:

I love the new cover! I love covers with illustrations as well.. I'm so ignorant that I didn't know book covers have trends to follow as well. LOL!

Anyways, I love Rachel Gibson! I own ALMOST all her books and she is definitely one of my fave contemporary romance authors. Simply Irresistible is fantastic! I really enjoyed it. Two thumbs up!

2:33 AM  

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