After going through what felt like thousands of photos, the judging committee finally was able to pick the winner of the "NEXT YEAR'S MODEL" contest. I got to peek over everyone's shoulder as they were going through the entrants and, let me tell you, it wasn't an easy choice to make. Thank goodness I wasn't the one making the final judging!

The winner, 20 year old Rianna Hadesty of Wisconsin, wins all sorts of wonderful prizes, including a trip to New York City and a photo shoot with the goal of using her on the cover of Carol Alt's next book, MODEL, INCORPORATED, which is on sale in August 2009. Of course, they are very excited out in Madison, but everyone here at the office is thrilled, too. I can't wait until she comes to New York.

Now, I'm one who has never won a contest in her life--not the lottery, any raffle at all, or any sort of anything that gives out a prize. I've never been to Las Vegas and the idea of sitting at a slot machine watching it eat up my money just isn't so appealing to me.

But this all proved to me that you really can win a contest. You just never know! Do any of you ever feel lucky ? Have you ever won anything fantastic (or even not so fantastic). Let me know, because I've given up.


Blogger ESI said:

My brother just went away with his wife for a conference and won a touch scree laptop (that I'm typing on right now). I...I never win anything.

7:35 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

She is very pretty! Good choice, although I'm sure it is so hard to narrow it down.

Although this is off topic, I love to read romances that have plus-sized women in it. I'm sure this is because I am a plus-sized lady myself.

These books are few and far between though.

I've only read two or three with a plus-sized main character. I did notice though that these books didn't display a plus sized female on the front. That's really a shame.

I personally have never had much luck with contests! I know others do though.

12:50 AM  

Blogger Selena Blake said:

Wow, she is very pretty. Definitely a cover model.

I'm not the type who wins things either. Usually I don't enter. *whoops* I hope my luck changes because one of my books is up for two awards this month. :)

11:36 PM  

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