I May Work With Books but I Also Watch A Lot of Television

I realize I probably watch an unhealthy amount of reality TV (REAL WORLD vs ROAD RULES CHALLENGE,  ROCK OF LOVE CHARM SCHOOL anyone??) but ever since BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER aired its last episode back in 2003, nothing has come close to filling the void. So I now pass the time watching junk shows--entertaining but without much substance.

I'm delighted, though, that the genius who is Joss Whedon has been doing season 8 in comic book format for almost two years now--of which I have yet to miss a single issue.  And for all the BUFFY fans who may have missed out on all the latest adventures of Buffy and the Scooby gang--don't despair!  The comics have been compiled into three awesome omnibus editions.

(BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, Season Eight, Volume 1)

(BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, Season Eight, Volume 2)

(BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, Season Eight, Volume 3)

However, there have been a few shows that have come sorta close to capturing my heart the way Buffy's and Angel's romance did, but the problem is that they invariably disappoint!  Veronica Mars was great but by the end of season two I was bored.  HEROES was so compelling the first season but now I just watch it whenever I need a good laugh—the plot twists are absurd.

DEXTER was fresh, twisted and smart when it first aired but this past season has been very uneven.  BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA is amazing and very well written but sometimes it gets a little too woo-woo even more for me--and I just want to know how the cylons can procreate!  If you know the answer, please post!

I do have very high hopes for TRUE BLOOD,  but [SPOILER ALERT FOR ANYONE WHO HASN'T SEEN THE SHOW AND PLANS TO] I'll be really, really angry if I find out next year that it is indeed Lafayette's body Sookie finds in the car.

What do you watch?  Have there been shows this past season that were worse than you expected?  Better than expected?  Does anyone Tivo Oprah like I do??


Anonymous relimom said:

I miss Buffy too! There was something special about that show.

I've just bought seasons 1 to 7 for my husband's birthday, so we can watch it again.

7:47 AM  

Anonymous irel said:

I watched some of Buffy's but not a follower, I watched some of the first season of heroes but not a big fan of it.. I never watched battlestar gallactica neither as True Blood.. I am however a VEERY BIG FAN of DEXTER!!! I watched every episode in every season! of course Season 3 is almost over but eventhough Dexter is going to be off, I am very happy to see NIP/TUck on again.. I wacthed every episode on every season in this one too. Also HOUSE is one of my favorite too! It's dexter, nip/tuck and house for me greatest shows on TV !!

8:41 AM  

Blogger Keri Ford said:

I'm waiting on Burn Notice to start back up. It's on USA and I love it!

9:36 AM  

Blogger Page Smith said:

That Buffy/Willow/Xander painting is GORGEOUS! I can't get over how well done that is.

I miss Buffy, too. And poor Xander with his eye patch. Sigh.

12:15 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I LOVE True Blood!

I haven't read the books yet, but I started watching the show around episode 5. Since then, I really have to say it's my favorite show.

I'm hoping that Lafayette was just unconscious or something in the backseat. The show wouldn't be the same without him. He adds something to it.

1:28 AM  

Blogger KindleDude said:

I have #2 in the series, "No Future for You." I agree, it is really well done with beautiful art.

Buffy also continues in books--I reviewed one on my blog here:


6:48 AM  

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