Do you ever wonder about the connections our minds make?

I was thinking about Thanksgiving--and who isn't, since it'll be here in a few days, along with the relatives, the cooking, the dishes, and hopefully, yes, the thanks. The first connection was obvious: a turkey. And from there, my mind made all kinds of personal connections.

Turkey made me think of the wild turkeys that we used to see in abundance around our little family house in the Pocono Mountains. When I was younger, we had flocks of turkeys around the house year round (funny how they always seemed to be scarce around Thanksgiving and then flaunted their presence again in early December. Smart turkeys!) along with white-tailed deer and black bear. For a city kid, this was always amazing to me.

The wild turkeys--or current lack of them that we now experience--made me think of dogs. A few years ago, a couple bought the lot next to our house and built practically right on top of us. We lost much of our surrounding woods, but even more importantly, we lost all of the wildlife we enjoyed (even though I admit I was both thrilled and terrified when the bears came sauntering down our driveway...) because they have this crazy yellow lab--named "Princess", of all things--who chases off every moving thing she can find...Including my 19 year old cat who could barely walk, but that's a story for another blog (he did survive her attack).

Then I thought of how my pre-school age son seems to have developed a bit of a fear of dogs. We were going to visit a friend's house the other night, and he asked if she had a dog. When I said no, he was much relieved and told me he doesn't really like dogs. And that made me a little sad, because I believe that pets can be such great parts of our families.

Living in a Manhattan apartment, we're more cat people than dog people, but I like dogs a lot (unless they outweigh me and, then, they're a little intimidating). And that made me think about this tiny little Siamese cat we had who used to like to walk outside of our apartment and roll around in the hall in front of the elevator.

Once, she was doing this and the elevator door opened, and there was a huge Afghan standing inside. She marched right up to him and gave him a sniff! No fear in that little cat.

So, then I thought about my friends who have dogs, which then made me think of my authors who have dogs, which then made me think of Elaine Fox who is a true dog lover and writes the greatest mix of contemporary romance and dogs. Which Then made me think of her new book coming out on Tuesday, November 25th...

BEDTIME FOR BONSAI is an absolutely delightful, sexy, fun story about a woman who had always wanted to have a baby but her ex was not the right man for that endeavor, so she got a dog instead. Luckily, her dog finds the right man for her and lets both of them know it. It's the perfect fun-filled, heartwarming and romantic tale for the holidays.

All of this brought me full circle to marveling at how our minds work! So I wonder, what kind of connections does Thanksgiving trigger in your head--and how do you find your way to romance from there??


Blogger Keri Ford said:

I grew up with a lot of animals (just see the about me section of my website), but I sure am thankful none of them were bears!

I don't see many turkeys but you can see deer walking right in front of my windows about once a week.

8:08 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I think he'll learn to love dogs when he gets a bit bigger. For a young child, dogs are life size, they used to scare me at his age too (especially dogs that jumped and barked)!

10:43 AM  

Blogger Erika said:

I know someone who would LOVE to see a bear up close and personal!

The first time my nephew encountered a dog, he was eye level with it, and the dog (puppy, really) swiped him with his tongue. For the rest of the day, whenever the dog got too close, he'd yell "He's going to eat me!"

1:29 PM  

Blogger Da Old Man said:

Interesting that the turkeys aren't around by you in the Poconos. Here in NJ, we have communities where the birds are everywhere. They have made a big comeback.

4:04 PM  

Anonymous snrize said:

I've seen two bears in the last few weeks. I would have thought they would have snuggled down for the winter by now. Living in NH is a wonder with all the wildlife. Turkeys walk through our yard and I cannot help but wonder when looking at those "attractively-challenged" fowl, who was it that looked into that face and thought....mmmmm...dinner!!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Lisa Olech

5:35 PM  

Blogger Cinthia Hamer said:

Hi Everyone, I'm new to the board and I'm really enjoying reading all the posts.

It's easy for me to make a connection between Thanksgiving and romance. When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of my mom. Every holiday, the house bulged with relations from far and near because it just wasn't a holiday without every possible relative in the state crowded around the dinner table.

Mom also loved to read. A night shift nurse, she often had time to sit and read a chapter or so in the wee small hours between rounds.

She instilled that love of reading in my sister and I and as I grew up, I began taking notice of the books she read and most of them were romances. Kathleen Woodiwiss, in particular comes to mind. When I got a bit older--high school age--she started leaving her finished books on my bookshelf for me to find and enjoy.

One of my daughters is actually named after a character in one of KW's books; Alaina.

6:38 AM  

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