My Favorite Things – Literary Edition:

Working in publishing, you'd think I'd get tired of all things book related. But it's just not true! I find myself constantly drawn to all of the great book things in life.

Jane Austenalia:
I'm not sure if you've figured it out by now, but I'm a big nerd. So, I don't think it will surprise you to know that I own an incredibly large collection of Jane Austen fan merchandise. In addition to all of the books (including many editions of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE) I have mugs that look like the covers of PERSUASION and P&P, a t-shirt that says "Jane Austen is my home girl," and even a beach towel that features the first paragraph of P&P.

I'm just waiting for someone to invent a pillow with "It is a truth universally acknowledged..." embroidered on it. (Personally, I'd like it to match with this pillow that I may have already on my holiday wish list. Then, I would only be friends with the people who got both references.)

I also have lots of bookish nonsense at home. Growing up, we had a paper doll-shaped magnet of Edith Wharton on our refrigerator. Now, I have a finger puppet magnet of, you guessed it, Jane Austen.

And my favorite souvenirs from Prince Edward Island are my mini versions of Gog and Magog.

For the uninitiated, they are the china dogs who sat on either side of Lucy Maud Montgomery's fireplace--and also on either side of Anne's fireplace in ANNE OF THE ISLAND and all of the later books.

Literary Blogs:
In addition to this blog, of course, I fritter away my time at a number of other book related blogs. Busman's holiday? Perhaps. But they're just so much fun.

On Jezebel, there's a regular feature called "Fine Lines" where Lizzie Skurnick goes back over all of those books we read as teenagers. Here's one of my favorites: all about Christopher Pike. Remember him? Those books were my life when I was in middle school. (Shameless plug here, we are going to be publishing Lizzie's book, SHELF DISCOVERY: THE TEEN CLASSICS WE NEVER STOPPED READING, in June.)

Who doesn't love the Smart Bitches' cover snark? I never get tired of seeing what these ladies will say, especially when it's about some of our covers.

I'd also like to take a moment of silence for Squawk Radio, a wonderful blog, now only periodically updated. We still miss you.

But speaking of author blogs, have you seen Meg Cabot's? I absolutely love reading her updates.

What about you readers and writers? Do you find yourselves collecting book paraphernalia? Or do you get overloaded with the literary? And what other blogs do you read?


Blogger joy said:

I love that you have the flatback china King George Spaniel dogs...having seen practically every Cash in the Attic, I can say that many, many, many, many UK households have those dogs. Awesome. Oooh, are they really not painted on the back?

And again, we're on the same wavelength, as not two days ago my sister and I were surfing Cafe Press to see their book wares. There are several Jane Austen and North & South shops on there, you should check them out, cuz they ROCK. But this one was the find of the night, for it's true, Boys *are* better in books:

Finally, word to the "only being friends with those who get the reference," I have a few tote bags that I keep waiting on a supercute and single and straight boy to understand ask me where I got my bag. Usually tv related, though. :-)

9:57 PM  

Blogger Keri Ford said:

Tessa, there's this shop in my home town that can print (by stitching) whatever you want on just about anything. The thing around here is to get your baby's name on your baby bag. You want me to see if they can stitch on a pillow for you? :O)

And I wonder why that pillow's for sale at pottery barn KIDS?? Looks like to nice a pillow for me to be letting my kid or any others I know get a hold of.

12:16 AM  

Blogger Erika said:

I read pretty regularly.

7:29 PM  

Blogger J Perry Stone said:

Oh, you mentioned Squawk. I'm still grieving over that one and admit to being an internet refugee since the moment they closed their doors.

As for other things literary—once you start, you can’t stop I’m thinking.

I myself have some pretty unusual things. For example, I have a shriveled olive from Athens I've kept for 20 years. At this point it looks more like dried poo from some furry little mammal than an olive, but I can’t let it go. The story behind it kills me.

Apparently, Athena and Poseidon were fighting over who got the privilege of naming the grand city. Athena threw her staff into the ground and it immediately sprouted into an olive tree. The people of the city were so impressed, they gave the privilege to her. Athens.

See? My olive is from *that* tree ... or else I'm extremely gullible and the tour guide snookered me beyond belief.

I’m still not throwing away my olive though.

9:28 AM  

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