I'm obsessed with things starting with the letter "D".

Dogs! For years I thought I was over dogs. Though I grew up with many canine friends--my parents even raised Basset Hounds for a while--after a series of tragic losses, I gave up on these domestic pets for almost 30 years. I still had pets. I shared my life with a series of cats large and small (actually fat and thin), and I was tragedy free.
But my daughter kept begging for a dog, so finally I caved. Except now I'm obsessed with my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels--Sam and Lola.

Yes, I know those are the names of Charlie Sheen's daughters, but I swear I didn't know it at the time...

Dutchess County. So, if you aren't from New York, I bet you think the entire place is a huge city. It's not.

There is a county two hours north of the city called "Dutchess" which has small organic farms, great restaurants, vineyards, and some of the best independent bookstores I know (thank you Merritt and Oblong). Plus great movie theaters, Audubon Trails, the county fair, and Christmas Tree Farms. I've even made friends move near me. If only my old farmhouse had been built with insulation, Dutchess would be practically perfect in every way.

Speaking of Dutchess, we have a book set there, WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME, though I am sure this crime never happened.

And I also love the classical Duchesses (without the "t") who inhabit Eloisa James' Desperate Duchess series.

Daughter! But I won't violate her privacy. Only course of action for a mom of a 13 year old.


Blogger Santa said:

It looks like 'D' is the letter for me! From dogs and daughters to both the county and the member of the ton - however desperate they may be.

12:55 AM  

Blogger TC said:

Came by to drop my Entrecard and I have to comment on your dogs. They are beautiful! I love those Spaniels! She are sweet, smart and oh so cute!! I love your black eared Spaniel. Pretty, pretty!

Have a great day! :)

3:30 PM  

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