Who doesn't read their horoscope every day?

When I was in college, you can definitely bet that my girlfriends and I LIVED for the month that the COSMO astrology love-guide came out each year. It was (and indeed might still be) a pull out booklet glued into the center of the December Cosmo.

Even though it breathlessly told us pretty much the same thing year after year ("Don't be a mouseburger girls! Unleash your inner earthiness Taurus!"), we read it from cover to flimsey cover. And, boy, was it a happy moment if it proclaimed that you were going to have a good year.

Though I don't even believe in the power of the stars to affect my life any longer (I'm pretty willing to acknowledge that the full moon really does make people act funny), I still read my horoscope (or "horriblescope" as a girlfriend of mine says) every day.

For those of you seeking more truth from the stars, especially when it comes to romance, have I got an Avon Book for you. LOVE IS IN THE STARS by Jenni Kosarin. It came out this summer, but it's never too late to get insight into the hearts and minds of men...

Oh, and as a reminder, the Collins part of HarperCollins is still responsible for the mother of all love-by-astrology books, LINDA GOODMAN'S LOVE SIGNS. I remember when it came out. I was thrilled to receive a FREE copy, even though it's about 1200 pages long, because at the time I worked for what was then Harper & Row as an assistant to the Civil Engineering textbook editor. Trust me, it was more exciting than books about hydropower.

Every time we'd meet a guy, my roommate and I would try to determine if it was written in the stars...hey, it was way more interesting than what I read for work, books dealing with the creation of railroads and highways.


Blogger JennaPetersen said:

I totally read my horoscope every day (even though I really don't believe in that stuff). Before I sold to Avon, I read publication into any "good news". LOL All horoscopes led to Avon.

And then I sold here... so maybe the stars DON'T lie. Hmmmm.


9:15 AM  

Blogger Buffy said:

What a blast from the past...I had that Linda Goodman's Love signs book and I think there was another called Fire Signs (if I'm not mistaken and the 'old timers' hasn't set in!) I read them from cover to cover and each boy I met I'd check his sign against mine. How funny!

10:32 PM  

Blogger Leet said:

Talk about love so complicated
But all people need love, no matter in the stars or in the sky...

Nice post...
Cheers - Leet

1:04 PM  

Anonymous Lucia said:

We used to run to LOVE SIGNS whenever we met a new guy. It was hilarious! I learned that as a Taurus I liked to loll comfortably in piles of mud. (This isn't a direct quote, but it's pretty close.) That always made me laugh, since one friend in college also told me that I had "Vegging out down to a fine artform." So maybe there's truth in astrology after all!

2:58 PM  

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