I'm on "holiday", as they say here in merry ole England. One of the items on my must do list was a walking tour through Mayfair. I thought I'd share some photos with you, seeing as how this exclusive neighborhood is featured in many of my favorite Regency-set historicals.

Mayfair -- the best address in London

The Queen "shops" here.

Madonna and Guy just bought this pub.

A random street in Mayfair...because I got myself lost after the walk dispersed.

A King slept here.

Lord Avon lived here. (I couldn't resist!)


Blogger Tracey Devlyn said:

Great pictures, Erika. I don't see much sunshine, but I'm sure the ancient views make up for its loss.

6:37 AM  

Anonymous Signe said:

My in-laws have been a few times... the love it over there. Love the pics! So different than here.

9:35 AM  

Anonymous Michelle Gartner said:

Awesome I wish it was me in merry old England... I'd like to rub elbows with royalty.

1:35 AM  

Blogger Susan Helene Gottfried said:

Very cool to be surrounded by such history (and fictional settings). I'd love to see it in person.

9:41 AM  

Blogger G@ttoGiallo, the Instigator said:

A very nice area indeed! not exactly the swinging London...

11:07 AM  

Anonymous Daddy Loves you said:

some may like the royal setting that made up London town but the weather is just awful especially during the last summer. But if you have the chance to go to the peak district you wont be disappointed. The rural town there is just amazing and calm and serene

11:39 AM  

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