Carrie Feron and I are currently fans of the television show MAD MEN, the AMC show that's all about the sensationally sexist world of 1960s advertising.

The most recent episode had the creative minds of the Sterling Cooper agency developing a bra campaign. Their brilliant question: are you a Jackie or a Marilyn?


What on earth this has to do with bras, I haven't the foggiest. (I haven't seen the episode yet...) but it absolutely set our minds to thinking and we decided to toss this, and a few other types, out to all of you.  AND we promise that next week the staff here will answer the questions ourselves.


So, are you...

1) A Jackie or a Marilyn?

2) A Duchess or a Governess?

3) A Hilary or a Sarah?

4) A Vampiress or Mortal?

Let us know and, yes, you can tell us why!


Jackie bio


Anonymous torasham said:

i am prefer to Marilyn...i think because she more beauty than jackie..

1:40 AM  

Blogger Jane Jane said:

Jackie...she's more elegant. :)

4:13 AM  

Blogger Terri said:

I'd like to be a Jackie, who was once a Governess, had a mother like Sarah, and is secretly a vampiress. :-) No one would ever suspect an elegant, highly educated, yet down-to-earth woman of biting people in her spare time.

Hey, maybe I should write that one down! lol

10:06 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Jackie. My mom's a dead ringer for her and I look like her.

Also, my man says, "She's classy and (me)."

How cute is he?!?

I'm happy bein' compared to Jackie, but I do love Marilyn.

I have a friend, just as gorgeous as Marilyn, with that whole naked ambition/survivor instinct/sex-appeal-as-a-weapon vibe. Mixed with that desperate need for love and acceptance, it's a sight to see. I love small doses.

12:59 PM  

Anonymous Michelle Gartner said:

Hmm I am a Marilyn and a governess- neither Hilary or Sarah and a mortal...

10:25 PM  

Blogger Lidian said:

I think what they mean is Jackie = small-busted/elegant and Marilyn = voluptuous/earthy...

9:29 PM  

Blogger MarlyMS said:

Hhmm..i like Marilyn because she is so pretty and delicate.

10:59 PM  

Blogger Goddess said:

A la Mad Men, I'm both. Sometimes I'm Jackie and sometimes I'm Marilyn. I'm more often a governess than a duchess - although I can be a duchess. :) As a person, I think I'm probably more Sarah than Hillary - I'll leave politics out of it. And I'm torn on the vampiress v. mortal question......I probably lean more toward the vampiress, to be honest. :)

4:49 PM  

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