Having too much fun on their road trip, Teresa Medeiros (SOME LIKE IT WICKED) and Suzanne Enoch (BEFORE THE SCANDAL) can't resist sending us these two photos that clearly show you all the glamourous life of authors on tour.

This is Suzie and Terri enjoying a swanky meal in a fine dining establishment.  (Ummm, Micky D's on the floor of the airport.)

Terri enjoying the company of a handsome man.


Blogger Erika said:

I think editors should start going on tours with their authors. Just a suggestion.

9:57 PM  

Anonymous BSAwards said:

Terri is officially HOT!

8:33 PM  

Blogger Shea said:

hot is right

10:40 PM  

Blogger Margie and Edna said:

These two glamor-pusses are clearly living the high life out on the road. ;) Thanks for blogging about your adventures, ladies!

1:34 AM  

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