Greetings from RWA!
(San Francisco)

Well, I'm fresh off another successful Avon Family Dinner (thanks Pam Jaffee for planning it all!), which was held this year at the glamourous Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The rooms were beautiful and the dinner spectacular. I've never had a banquet where I was served Halibut. No "chicken delux" last night! We had an amazing meal.

As always, we had a huge crowd, and we got to toast in style the success that the Avon authors have all had in the past year. Carrie Feron and I went through the list. Once again, I was impressed by how much the authors have achieved--everything from NYTimes bestseller list appearances to the sale of their first book. It's all wonderful.

Afterward, I collapsed into bed (no crashing the Harlequin party for me), forgetting to set the alarm, but somehow making it up for my 10am breakfast with author Syrie James (THE LOST MEMOIRS OF JANE AUSTEN) and her husband. They regaled me with stories of their travels to visit all places Jane. Syrie's next book is about Charlotte Bronte. She also told me about her visits to Charlotte's home and school.

Believe it or not, we've just finished eating breakfast and now I'm off to LUNCH with the glamourous author Kathryn Caskie. I hope she'll be happy to eat while she watches me drink soda.

We justify all this eating by saying that we are walking a lot.

At 2pm, I'm off to join my colleagues for the "Focus on Avon", a workshop where we tell what we're all looking for in the upcoming year. Then I'm DONE!!!! Except for the RITAs, which is hardly any work for me at all. I just dress up and hope Avon's authors win. Wish us all luck!

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