My Glamorous Life

I often have to convince people that I don't go to glamorous parties every night. They don't believe that I really just head home to make dinner and watch "Jeopardy!"

But last Wednesday (September 10th), I really DID go to a glamorous party.

It was a book launch for Tatiana Boncompagni's Avon A paperback, GILDING LILY.

There were pesky guys who kept following us around and filling our glasses with champagne.

At the end, we got a swag bag so spectacular that people who left early spent the whole next day feeling sad about it.

author Tatiana Boncompagni (L)

Sponsored by VOGUE and the designer Elie Tahari, and held at the Soho Tahari boutique, it was attended by a spectacular mix of book people, fashionistas, size 00 socialites, and one honest to goodness red-carpet actress.

The people who left late spent the whole next day feeling bad about all the champagne they drank. But everybody had a great time!


Anonymous Adam Lee said:

parties and drinking are the opiate of the masses

3:31 AM  

Blogger Erika said:

I don't suppose anyone swiped an extra swag bag for me...

3:39 AM  

Anonymous The Success said:

Wow is that glamor party?
I never attended glamor party

9:37 AM  

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