No, really, I need you all to buy this book. Why? Because I think you're going to love it.

One question I always hear from readers is why doesn't anyone write/publish the kinds of books "they used to." By that, it's pretty clear that you all mean no one publishes big, sprawling, juicy sagas. Books with intricate situations, wonderful characters, and plots that twist and turn. Books like the ones I read when I was a teenager by writers like Dorothy Eden, Susan Howatch and Taylor Caldwell. (Remember CAPTAINS AND THE KINGS? I sure do!)

I believe that if you loved stories like this (and a lot of readers say they do!) you'll love A SILENT OCEAN AWAY by DeVa Gantt. Now, please prove your love by BUYING it. Honestly, it's really that good.

This novel came to me in such an interesting way. Originally called "Colette's Prayer", it arrived on my desk with a thump--and I do mean a thump--it was HUGE. So huge, that I told the authors (two sisters writing together) they'd have to cut it. A lot.

A while later it returned. I was thrilled, because a lot of time no one listens to me. It was still pretty huge, but it was also self-published, so it was easy to take it home and begin reading again.

And once I started, I just couldn't stop. I read it all weekend long. I came in on Monday and, over the next fews days, said to anyone who'd listen, "Maybe I'm crazy, it's about 1000 pages long, but I love this book. Is there a way to publish it?"

I passed it around to a few others, and they couldn't put it down either. Since it was originally split into three "volumes", I realized I could publish it that way--in three volumes. The first volume is A SILENT OCEAN AWAY on sale in four days. Look for it in the chains, and prove me right.


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I am just about to finish this book, and have to say I both love and hate you or whoever it was that decided to publish it this way. I am thrilled to be reading this book but am depressed at he idea of having to wait for the second volume to come out. Anyway I hope tons of people read this book it is just the thing that has been missing from historicals lately, drama and mystery!

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