Notes from a tour
by Sophia Nash

For three days last week, 27 authors boarded a bus to visit 9 Meijer stores throughout Michigan. The “Read This! Author Tour” coordinated by book distributor Levy Home Entertainment was one heck of a wonderful signing!  I was privileged to be part of it and honored so many readers came by to chat.

My all time favorite tour moment occurred in an unlikely place in one of the Meijer stores--the produce section. You see, during a quiet moment, Victoria Rowell (she of “The Young and the Restless” fame) and I decided to begin hand-selling grocery shopping carts full of, oh, 150 or so signed books from all the authors on the tour.

A woman stopped and stared at my load somewhere between the radishes and rutabaga (do they stock alphabetically?)

Me: "Would you like one? They're all wonderful..."
Her: "You're buying all those books? You must really like to read."
Me: "No, no--I'm one of the authors here today and we're sign--"
Her: "So you're an author and you don't like to read?"
Me: "No! Of course I like to read."

Her: “You must have lots of bookshelves to be able to buy that many books.”
Me: “Actually, my bookshelves are pretty full.”
Her: “Well, then, why are you buying hundreds more? Hoarding is a disease, you know.”

Me: Deep breath. “Perhaps you would like to help me with my obvious problem. Check out this lovely signed romantic suspense by--"
Her: "Are you lost? Why are you trying to sell me a book here in produce? "
Me: "Because I like to do charmingly silly" truly idiotic "things--at times."
Her (excitedly): Is Susan Elizabeth Phillips here? Tell her to meet me by the eggplant."

Within nano seconds, this wonderful woman (who should rule a country since she has more force than Hurricane Ike) had me trying to track down one of SEP's unsigned books on the shelves. She was kind enough to thank me by forking over her recipe for ratatouille.

All in all, it was a fabulously fun tour! And there are still lots of signed books waiting for Michigan-area readers in Meijer stores. Just don't look in produce.

Warmest wishes,
Sophia Nash


Blogger penney said:

This sounds like a good book thank you.
Love the site here and all the info.

10:42 AM  

Blogger PJ said:

Oh Sophia, you have me rolling with laughter! Having grown up in Michigan I have no problem whatsoever visualizing your produce exchange.

I loved THE KISS. What's up next?


8:28 AM  

Blogger flchen1 said:

LOL! Sophia, you're a great sport! Glad you had a blast on the tour, and thanks for giving us a peek at life on the author-circuit! ;)

4:21 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hi flchen1!
Great to hear from you. The tour was an absolute blast. And really, whoever tells you writers are an introverted lot, has not been on a Levy/Meijer author tour. There was more chattering than the inside of a middle school cafeteria! I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
Best, Sophia

5:28 PM  

Anonymous Sophia Nash said:

Hi PJ!

LOVE WITH THE PERFECT SCOUNDREL is up next. February 24, 2009 is the release date! It's Grace Sheffey, the Countess of Sheffield's story. She's had a rough go of it the last two books so she is due a GREAT hero, don't you think?

And look for a novella next summer...more news will be forthcoming on my website at

Best wishes,
PS - Michigan was so beautiful. It reminded me of where I live just outside of Washington, DC. I especially liked Ann Arbor...

5:35 PM  

Blogger PJ said:

Grace certainly has earned her hea. Can't wait to read her story!

Michigan is a beautiful state and Ann Arbor is a lovely city. I grew up in the SW corner of the state, about 30 minutes southwest of Kalamazoo (right off I-94), on a lovely lake in the midst of farms and orchards. It was a great place to be a kid! Glad to hear you had an enjoyable tour!

I'll be in your neck of the woods the first week of November and am looking forward to seeing DC again. I haven't been there since my Senior class trip...a very long time ago! ;)


8:43 AM  

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