I have become a big economy dork. I'm constantly checking blogs, newspapers, anything I can find for more information.

This has come as a shock to everyone who knows me, as I am remarkably bad at math. Really, shockingly bad. And, if you asked me to explain all the numbers behind what's going on, I would probably fail.

But I like to think that I have a pretty firm grasp on the concepts. So, now, instead of riding the subway listening to my favorite new album, about half of my iPod is devoted to various economic podcasts.

I am obsessed with DVD commentaries. I love all the DVD extra features. There have even been times when I see a trailer and my first thought is, "Man. That DVD is going to be awesome." I will watch commentaries over and over. My personal favorites: ALIAS (specifically season 3), both MUMMY movies, and, of course, THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy.

I love getting presents. My birthday was last week, so this is on my mind. I will unabashedly ask everyone--friends, family, strangers--to give me presents. But I'm very reasonable. Really, all you have to do is tell me it's a present, and I'm happy.

Case in point: I recently asked for (...all right, demanded) a present from my roommate. So she picked up a bag of candy from our coffee table, got an old gift bag from her room, dropped the candy in, and handed it over. I was delighted, she wasn't out anything but a tiny bit of energy; everybody wins.


Blogger Juliana Stone said:

Good morning Esi! And Happy belated birthday! LOL about your economic distractions! I've read so many doom and gloom blogs about the state of the economy and specifically its effect on the publishing world....I've been spreading the word to everyone to buy a book...buy one a week....a 6 buck book...that's all it takes! Better yet, spend some $$ on a new author...sound good?

10:16 AM  

Blogger Keri Ford said:

Esi, now all your submissions are going to be wrapped in ribbons and bows with a, "present just for you tag.":O)

Happy late birthday!

2:49 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

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7:31 PM  

Blogger Christopher-Michael said:

No way!
How did your roommate win? She didn't "win" just because she didn't expend a bunch of energy making your present! hahaha

And this comment is my belated birthday present to you =0)

8:25 AM  

Blogger ESI said:

Teehee! In my perfect world, if I'm happy, everyone's happy :) Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone.

11:43 AM  

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