A quick overview of my life, 24 hours ago:   at daybreak,  I took my 12 year old daughter into the voting booth with me, in honor of the fact that women have had the right to vote for under 100 years.  Then, during the returns, we ate red, white, and blue food for dinner (red grapes, red sparkling cider, fondue (for the melting pot of America)  with white cheese and white bread, and blue beer (me) and blue chips. We wore purple in honor of red and blue united!

Then I thought about my favorite "political" romances.  And guess what? There are such things!

My personal favorites include two great ones--one was an old Bantam Loveswept called LANDSLIDE VICTORY by the very charming Barbara Boswell. The plot:  the romance between the unmarried daughter of a senator running for president and the senator's top aid.

The other is FIRST LADY by Susan Elizabeth Phillips which happily is an Avon Book. Susan says the inspiration for this book comes from the fact that there couldn't be any worse job in the world because "everyone has their expectations of you, but there is no real job description."

Susan lives in Chicago, home of Senator Obama.   So our thoughts go out to everyone.

Let's remember Romance unites us all.   And now that the election is over, let's find some great new books.

Since we are headed toward a new administration,  should  we should all try the Kindle?


Blogger joy said:

Election-theme or no, First Lady was my introduction to Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I LOVED this book - it's still hands down, my favorite of hers.

2:16 PM  

Blogger Lilly's Life said:

I was just passing through Entrecard dropping and I saw your post. I thought it was wonderful. What a great way to get your daughter involved in the elctoral process and make her feel part of it all. Inspirational!

4:07 AM  

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