On sale soon, Andrea Kane's WRONG PLACE, WRONG TIME...now available in mass market where books are sold!

This got me to thinking--if a book first comes out in hardcover, do you run to the store or wait for the paperback?

Do you take it out of the library or wait to get your own copy?

How do you make your reading choices?


Blogger Chantal said:

I like hardcover the best because they look better on my bookshelves.
So yeah, if I have a choice between paperback or hardcover, then I go for the hard.

10:46 AM  

Blogger Twink said:

Depends on the author. If it's an author I already know I enjoy I'll buy the hard copy for my collection, if I'm trying someone knew then I get the hardcover at the library and then probably buy the paperback when it comes out if I still want another go at it.

12:16 PM  

Blogger AndreaW said:

With as much as I spend a month on books, I wait for paperback.

4:02 PM  

Blogger cube said:

My book wishlist is too long to afford buying all of them in hardcover. I use the library constantly and buy paperbacks whenever possible.

BTW here via BE.

4:32 PM  

Blogger Sandra Barkevich said:

If they are books I know I'll read over and over, I'll buy them in hardcover even if I first purchased them in paperback. Hardcovers are my collectables. The ones I don't let anyone borrow. I'll also buy hardcover if it's a favorite author and I don't have the patience to wait for the paperback release. *bg*

Sandy :-)
*Guest blogger at Sandra's Goings On - January 27th - Jackie Kessler - Hell's Belles

5:50 PM  

Anonymous georgianblue said:

Depends on the book and author. Harry Potter, always hardcover, in fact I usually pre-order them, guilty pleasure they are. If it's a book in a series and I cannot wait to read the next one, I don't mind giving up the $25. Otherwise, I just buy them in paperback.
I never borrow books, from people or library's, I am not good at returning things. ;)

3:54 PM  

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