Friday night, I made my appearance at the annual Newscorp Holiday Party, which I swear gets bigger and bigger every year. Held at the Hilton, it took over the entire ballroom floor--Harper employees (all divisions) mingled with reporters from the POST and cameramen from Fox News. My description can't fully ever convey how huge it was. If someone told me 5000 people attended, I wouldn't be surprised. It was PACKED. I waited 20 minutes just to get into the ladies room.

The theme was "Air Media". When you entered, "flight attendants" handed out peanuts and took your boarding pass (your invite). You knew this was a fantasy party because the crew were all so glad to see you! Then you got to roam freely thru 5 continents/five main ballrooms each with a different continent's theme: Asia, with Karaoke and Chinese food, complete with little take-out containers in lieu of plates; Europe, with an "English pub" complete with darts and pool tables; Australia, where "life guards" gave you free boomerangs and you could jostle on line for shrimp on the barbee; Latin America, with a soccer net and live goalie, for you to try your hand (foot?) at; the USA, with a HUGE dance floor, and an entire casino. Each room had (many) open bars and more food, food, food. It was so big that I went an hour without seeing a single person I know! Our swag bags contained (amongst other things) the DVD of THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA.

I can't report any embarrassing office moments--I think most everyone I know, at least, can come in Monday morning with their head held high. I only saw some minor celebs, including the really cute weatherman on Good Day New York, but this was an extravaganza. Around 10:30 --stuffed with enough pigs in the blanket & white wine for one evening--I tuckered out, so my date and I grabbed some going-away peanuts and headed for home. I don't know how they'll top it next year.


Anonymous ShanaGalen said:

Wow! Sounds totally fabulous!

11:49 PM  

Blogger Googleheimer said:

That's one crazy get up in the pic.

6:25 AM  

Blogger Mary Castillo said:

Did someone score the guy-in-the-photo's number?

Happy holidays!


11:03 AM  

Anonymous Johnna said:

wish I could have been invited! I probably would have hit on the cute weatherman LOL.

Feel free to visit my blog sometime

12:19 PM  

Blogger Cat said:

Sounds like it was a great night overall...I would've given up about that same time myself.

12:19 AM  

Blogger Antonine Plato said:

Mad picture!

8:03 AM  

Blogger Zoe said:

Hey I just got an xmas present in the mail delivered by a hot delivery guy too hmmm shake shake sounds like a book :D thanks Lucie and everyone at avon you totally didn't have to send me anything I was happy to do the blog!
I can't wait till xmas is here to see what book I got! :)

4:39 PM  

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