Question for discussion: Books can sell better if there's a doggie on the cover--true or false?

My recent theory is that if a book has a doggie (not a dog, but a cute little pup!) on the cover, readers will simply gravitate towards it. Have I finally lost my editorial mind?

In BEWARE OF DOUG, the heroine's dog--Doug--doesn't like many people other than her. Has a pet of yours ever interfered with your human relationships?


Blogger Lady Wanderlust said:

I firmly believe that animals can sell anything. Although I am more of a cat person.

2:41 AM  

Blogger Chantal said:

Hehe, here is my breakdown..

Now, the doggie on that cover takes my attention away from the feet, so it's all good.

No animal has ever interfered in a relationhip. I have heard some pretty freaky crazy cat stories from friends though.

12:16 PM  

Blogger Sandra Barkevich said:

ROFL! I have to say, this "doggie" looks more like a little terror than a cute little pup. LOL. The cover and the blurb have convinced me to add this to my TBR list, though. So, maybe you are on to something, Lyssa. *bg*

*new to Sandra's Goings On - January's guest blogger is Jackie Kessler - Hell's Belles

12:36 PM  

Blogger Jill said:

Ah, yeah. Cute dog. Reminds me of mine.And yes they do get in the way. Of course the old one thinks she is above us all and the young one wants to be in the middle of everything. Try having sex with a dog watching...

12:55 PM  

Blogger hazel said:

reminds me of my late Kris Adonis who died last year,missed him so much, hmmm, dogs are really man's best friend which could be associated with this kind of connection.....

12:49 AM  

Blogger Janie Hickok Siess, Esq. said:

One of my cats tried to run hubby off when we were dating. Ran its paws on the closet doors trying to scratch in order to keep us up and got in bed and would not move in an effort to keep him out! It didn't work, obviously. He won her over with Pounce treats. :-)

6:50 PM  

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