There ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them. ~Mark Twain

Years ago, my friend and I did this trip on Amtrak cross country. We had never traveled together, but there's nothing like spending 10 days in each other's company to really know a person.

For instance, I learned after the first day that she needed an adequate dose of caffeine throughout the day. She learned that she needed to feed me at regular intervals or else I get grumpy.

We're still friends, and there's been many road trips since, but those rules still apply. Sometimes, we'll go off the beaten path just because a highway billboard proclaimed Yoccos to be The Hot Dog King. Sometimes, there's a bit more research involved, like discovering that Ithaca claims to be the birthplace of the sundae. So, of course, we had to try out a sundae at Purity.

Food is another of my passions...and I'm not talking fancy dining. The tackier and kitchier the better. In fact, my friends and I found The Trailer Park Lounge and Grill ( which was once featured on the Food Network. And now we publish Guy Fieri's DINERS, DRIVE-INS, AND DIVES. You can bet I'm taking it with me for my next roadtrip.

What have you gone out of the way for?


Blogger Keri Ford said:

On my honeymoon, my hubby and I kept hearing about this little hole in the wall to get breakfast. One couple we talked with one evening even said it doesn't look like much and she wasn't sure about some of the health regulations, but it had the BEST waffles she'd ever eaten.

We ended up finding it, and it was some little place that the locals really flocked to. Just a couple tables inside and a few outdoors. The waffles were HUGE and wonderful. They took up the entire size our dinner plate!

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Anonymous Anonymous said:


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Blogger Erika said:

Keri, I LOVE those places! The best meals I've ever had were in places tourists don't usually go.

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