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Geography, Shmography...I've lived on the east coast for most of my life, and, when I'm on the Long Island Expressway, east means towards the ocean, west means towards Manhattan.

One day, I found myself driving on a California highway and the directions said “east”...so, I turned in the direction of the ocean. Unfortunately, it was the wrong ocean.

Road trips...My friends and I were planning to drive across the country this past summer, but when gas prices hovered near $4 a gallon, we decided it wasn't the right time. One of our destinations was Arches National Park in Utah. Months after we cancelled our trip, I discovered that one of the arches fell. Yes, fell! As in collapsed! Now, I'm determined to go to Mount Rushmore before gravity and erosion and whatever else happens.

Magnets...Whenever I go on trips, I bring home a refrigerator magnet as a souvenir. They're easy to pack and unlikely to break. They're also great conversation pieces. A colleague brought one back from South Africa, so that has the distinction of being my most exotic magnet, not to mention the farthest away from home. And then I have one from SuperSoap Weekend, featuring the 25th wedding anniversary of Luke and Laura--this has the distinction of being my most talked about magnet.

Passion...Can you tell that I like to travel? A terrific travel companion is a good book, so try Terri Garey's A MATCH MADE IN HELL, where our heroine Nicki Styx goes on a little roadtrip of her own.

Stay tuned for the rest of my blog week because there are other places I'd like to show you. Until then!

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Anonymous Bryan Karl said:

This blog looks very nice and simple. Great job. :)

6:55 AM  

Blogger Keri Ford said:

Oh. I love traveling. My hubby and I have picked up Christmas Ornaments since we've been married. Another couple trips and I'll have enough to decorate a tree of just our vacations.

It's always great to unwrap ornaments every year and get instant memories of our trips. Plus, they never need dusting!

8:13 AM  

Blogger Erika said:

Keri, that sounds like an awesome tradition!

10:37 AM  

Anonymous Kerrelyn said:

Hey Erika,
I've been meaning to get to Mount Rushmore, too! Love road trips. Unfortunately, it takes all day to get out of Texas.

I have a thing for magnets, too, but I collect the ones with book covers on them. When I go to writers conferences, I grab every book cover magent I can find. Now, that dreary gray file cabinet in my office is very colorful (and has some hunky guys to keep me company while I write!)

Kerrelyn Sparks

7:12 PM  

Blogger Erika said:

Kerry, I believe Terri Garey made one for her last book. You should ask her for one!

8:41 PM  

Anonymous snrize said:

Gravity can be a curse... Here in New Hampshire a couple of years ago our treasured 'Old Man of the Mountain' fell off.....just crashed in the middle of the night! The symbol of NH! 'His' likeness is on everything!

It was like a death.... People were so upset. But as with everything time heals and now those who can joke about it call 'him' Cliff!

I could send you a magnet!

Lisa Olech

5:46 AM  

Blogger Terri said:

I'm with you, Kerry - road trips always seem longer than they should because it takes most of the day just to get out of Florida. It's one long stretch of interstate!

And yes, Erika, I'm a magnet junkie, too, especially when I'm on trips - I love looking at my refrigerator and remembering where I got each one. Great souvenirs. (I'm doing one for each book, too, mainly so I can have one for my file cabinet! LOL)

6:18 PM  

Blogger joy said:

Erika, as one of your frequent travel buddies, I'm full-on expecting you to snag a magnet from Terri's books, please.

That way, I can totally read each book, and then do a magnetblog post on joy magnetism.

Also, I dunno how you ended up collecting magnets like me, you can no longer mock me for spending most of my time in the little shops and leaving with little bundles of magnets for myself. I see the little bundles you're leaving with, too.

I'm just sayin'.

Oh. Also. Nothing's going to happen to Rushmore. Arches and New Hampshire were isolated incidents. Actually, that NH *is* kinda tragic. But Arches still has arches left!

6:21 PM  

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