Our resident newshound tells us that sales were actually quite sparkly this past "Black Friday," but everyone was out looking for a bargain. Well, look no further: here at Avon, we have another lovely (and absolutely free) holiday gift for you!

This Thursday, December 2nd, we'll be hosting a very special Romance Radio event, where our friend Michelle Buonfiglio, site-master of LifetimeTV.com's "Romance B(u)y the Book" will be talking to New York Times bestselling author ELOISA JAMES about her December dazzler, WHEN THE DUKE RETURNS, the newest in Eloisa's wonderful "Desperate Duchess" series of books.

These novels are set in lavish Georgian England, an era which the Charleston Post & Courier calls “a fascinating time period for historical romance.” Earlier this year, every romantic we know flocked to see the movie THE DUCHESS (starring Keira Knightly and Ralph Fiennes).

We think that public interest in this sophisticated, decadent era is piqued...and Eloisa James' “Desperate Duchess” quartet of novels is the only series being published currently that offers readers additional perspective into this glittering period.

So, declare Thursday at 2 pm EST a gift to yourself, and tune into the Romance Radio channel on www.authorsonair.com to listen to this seasonally pleasing interview with the always-delightful Eloisa James!


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