I was out sick last Wednesday (I'm actually still trying to get over a bad cold) and spent most of the day sleeping and reacquainting myself with my mini-library of romance novels.

Ever since I read my first Nora Roberts book in junior high (I can't remember the title, but remember it was about a mermaid--totally awesome, by the way--and I think published by Silhouette Intimate Moments), I became absolutely hooked on romances. Since then, I've been carefully cultivating a selective (because I live in a NYC apartment) and highly treasured collection of romance novels that I know I will read over and over and over again. These are my comfort food for the soul.

That day I reached for my battered copy of Linda Howard's SON OF THE MORNING because the hero is so hot!

But I also have Kathleen Woodiwiss' THE FLAME AND THE FLOWER, with the original purple cover; Judith McNaught's WHITNEY, MY LOVE with the original pink cover with lacey gown; Jude Devereux’s REMEMBRANCE in hardcover (I think the jacket is dark blue with a mirror on it?).

But over the years, I've also given away books that I would later regret. I'm still kicking myself for no longer owning Johanna Lindsey's SAVAGE THUNDER--it even had Fabio on the cover!

So, what's in your romance library? What are some of the books you will never, ever, give away, and what are some books you've regretted giving away?


Blogger Keri Ford said:

I'll never get rid of Suzanne Enoch's Sin and Sensibility. It was the first regency book I ever read.

Christina Skye's Code Name: Princess will always be with me because it was my first romance.

There are so many other's that I'll never get rid of, but these two are my extra specials.

12:48 PM  

Blogger Maggie T said:

I forgot Kathleen Woodiwiss' The Flame And The Flower, and so many of her great books I've read over the years! Thanks for reminding me. I think I shall revisit a few of them over the holidays. Something you lovers of romance might like to have a look at, follow this link. www.eloquentbooks.com/JJ.html
Maggie Tideswell

12:39 AM  

Anonymous Juliana Stone said:

Wow...this got me to thinking! I have all the Calder books by Janet Dailey.....I loved them.....Scruples which I stole from my mom when I was a teenager....and probably shouldn't have been reading it....and several of Joanna Lindsay...love her books!
Oh and The Queen of the Damned by Ann Rice...my fave in her vampire series....I love that book!

9:10 AM  

Anonymous amy talley said:

Forgot about those Caulders - I loved all the Janet Dailey books! But my all-time ultimate favorite is A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Devereaux. I have bought like 4 copies - and then given them away. It is my ultimate fantasy comfort book. I also loved the Woodiwiss books and Lindsey books - devoured those when I was in high school. Made Silas Marner really long and boring when you read those others for pleasure.

1:45 PM  

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