Avon's $15 and Under Book Selections for Every Family Member! (Part Two)

For your favorite Aunt: If you really cherish your aunt, give her a book like THE LOST MEMOIRS OF JANE AUSTEN by Syrie James Romance and history, beautifully blended, and perfect for anyone who wants facts with their fiction.
Lucia Macro, Vice President/Executive Editor

For that wacky Uncle: Try NOT QUITE WHAT I WAS PLANNING by Larry Smith and Rachel Fershleiser for any lovable uncle with a soft heart and an affinity for laughter. Made up of bite-sized memoirs (six-word long gems to be exact), it's the perfect gift for a man on the go who can appreciate thoughtful (or just plain hilarious) insights. Authors and comedians like Stephen Colbert and Jonathan Lethem contribute.
Amanda Bergeron, Assistant Editor

For the twin Nieces: The tween in your life can't get enough of the paranormal? Try Melissa Marr's WICKED LOVELY. This elegant fantasy of pretty Aislinn being courted by two young men--one pierced and tattooed, the other the King of Faery--is perfect for any girl's reading pleasure.
Erika Tsang, Executive Editor

These twins couldn't be any more different: for the other one, who can't stop talking about the intrigue and fashions on Gossip Girl, she'll be sure to like THE LUXE by Anna Godbersen, the first in a series about the lives of young, 19th-century Manhattan socialites--way before texting was invented!
Wendy Lee, Assistant Editor

For a middle-school Nephew: The pocket edition of THE POCKET DANGEROUS BOOK FOR BOYS: THINGS TO DO by Conn Iggulden is the perfect gift for a young nephew. I gave one to my own nephew and he still talks about how he made a slingshot with a bottle cap...
May Chen, Editor

For your Godmother: Appropriately titled THE GODMOTHER, this wonderful novel by Carrie Adams will appeal to every woman who has ever been the best friend, sister, and confidant to her circle of family and friends. It's perfect for the superwoman who has it all and deserves the ultimate luxury of a book you just can't put down.
Liate Stehlik, Senior Vice President and Avon Publisher

For your Mother-in-Law: A SEDUCTION AT CHRISTMAS by Cathy Maxwell is the perfect present for any mother-in-law this season. Bringing her a little romance and fun during the stressful holidays, plus getting her a gift she'll actually ENJOY, will definitely win you those much needed extra points!
Kristina Jutzi, Online Marketing Manager

For your Father-in-Law: The perfect gift for any father-in-law would be THE ARCHANGEL PROJECT by C.S. Graham. This edge-of-your-seat-thriller asks "Is the government hiding something from us!" Who doesn't love conspiracy theories!
Adrienne DiPietro, Vice President/Marketing Director

For a Sister-in-Law: GILDING LILY by Tatiana Boncompagni is a book that any woman can relate to. Hilarious yet touching at the same time, this book provides a glimpse into New York's social elite and how a down-to-earth woman must try to find her place in this glittering, diamond-sharp world.
Megan Traynor, Marketing Assistant

For a Brother-in-Law: Keep your brother-in-law busy at the holiday parties this season with THE BARTENDER'S BIBLE. With over 1,000 exciting drink recipes--both with and without alcohol--he can mix fun drinks and spread joy to the whole family!
Kristine Macrides, Associate Director/Marketing

For your Best Friend: THE SAFETY OF SECRETS by DeLauné Michel begins with the phrase, “Now we're just alike." This gorgeously written novel is a testament to the lasting power of friendship...and an evocative exploration of the bonds forged in childhood and challenged decades later. This is a book the two of you will be discussing for years to come!
Wendy Ho, Assistant Publicist

And, last, but not least...

The perfect book for your Boyfriend/Husband: An amazing gift for the man in your life is his very own DICTIONARY OF LOVE. It's a romantic way to show him how you feel and a creative approach to spice things up. There are four pages dedicated to "Kinds of Kisses"! Keep it on the nightstand and open up to any page together. This book is bound to spark some conversation--if nothing else...
Christine Maddalena, Publicist

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