It's your family's biggest Christmas gathering, EVER. It seems like everyone wants to come to YOUR house for the holidays, and you have to wonder...what can I get all these people?

So, being your family's smartest (and most frugal) shopper, you institute a gift-giving challenge. Every family member is assigned a “Secret Santa” selection in advance...and can only spend $15 or under on a gift! You raise the stakes even higher: what better gift than a book? It's the perfect recession-proof present: carefully selected with each family member in mind, it's a gift that can be returned to, again and again, for the 12 days of Christmas, the 8 nights of Hanukkah, and for years to come.

Now that you've slapped down the gift gauntlet, let the Avon Books team of experts help you and your family make the perfect selections. (They'll be calling you Rudolf, the Read-Nosed Reindear for years to come!)

Avon's $15 and Under Book Selections for Every Family Member!

For Mom: Show your mother how much your family's holiday traditions (and your mom) mean to you. In THE CHRISTMAS PEARL by Dorothea Benton Frank, all moms are appreciated for every thing they do to make Christmas magical. And she'll absolutely love that this book is the best mini vacation to Charleston available (and at the right price). This year, it's also available in the Luxe edition--easier on her eyes!
Carrie Feron, Vice President/Editorial Director

For Dad: I would have to say that my top pick for a holiday gift for any dad is a James Rollins novel. I've read all his books, but for smart gift-giving, I am partial to the most recent paperbacks: MAP OF BONES, BLACK ORDER, and THE JUDAS STRAIN. Rollins weaves historical plots with speculative science, religion, and heartstopping adventure that always has disastrous global implications, if the good guys, members of Sigma Force--an elite team of former military operatives with scientific specialties--don't prevail. Luckily, they always do, but not necessarily in a neat and tidy way. Your dad will love James Rollins. Happy Holidays!
Lyssa Keusch, Executive Editor

For that College-Aged Sister: THIS YEAR'S MODEL by Carol Alt is perfect for the woman who loves shows like AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL (and who doesn't?). Alt's debut novel has all the insider dish anyone could want, along with a great heart and characters you just want to know more about--good thing there's a sequel!
Esi Sogah, Assistant Editor

For your Sister's Girlfriend/Roommate: You're not sure if this sweet young co-ed is your sister's new best friend, or something more--and they aren't telling. But she fits right into your family, so you want to make sure to select a book she'll love. Looking over your all-time favorites, you run out and buy her a copy of ELEGANCE by Kathleen Tessaro, a chic work of fiction that embraces love in all its elegant forms.
Pam Jaffee, Publicity Director

For a Teenage Brother: Guys will love DARK RAIN by Tony Richards: it's got magic, mystery and mayhem, with a cool noir feel. If he prefers STAR WARS and BSG, give him THE NEW SPACE OPERA by Gardner Dozois--explosions and smart adventure galore!
Diana Gill, Executive Editor

For Grandpa: Get a great mystery like Lawrence Block's HIT PARADE from your favorite grandfather. Don't forget, it's also available from HarperLuxe in larger print!
Tessa Woodward, Assistant Editor

For Grandma: WITH VIOLETS by Elizabeth Robard is the perfect holiday gift for Grandma--a beautifully written novel about the often over-looked impressionist artist, Berthe Morisot, and her complicated relationship with Edouard Manet, in which Berthe breaks free from quiet, traditional expectations to create her own story.
Emily Krump, Assistant Editor

For more great budget-conscious gift-giving ideas, come back tomorrow for Part Two!


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