There was a time when I would routinely make ten resolutions for the New Year (mostly along the lines of eat better, sleep more, develop a writing schedule, stop procrastinating). Then I'd give myself until Chinese New Year, which usually took place a month or so later, to get started on them (especially that stop procrastinating one). Then, around April, when it became obvious that I wasn't going to fulfill any of them, I'd give up.

This year, I'm going to make the simple resolution to read more, especially books from the library. With my limited budget, it's difficult to buy books, and there is only so much reading I can do for work. But, hopefully, I can rediscover the love for the library that I had growing up.

Below are some resolutions from our Avon editors:

Stop worrying over things I can't control. Drink fewer than two cups of coffee a day.
Lucia Macro, Executive Editor

Slack off more often...Take longer lunches...Actually leave work at 5 pm...
Erika Tsang, Executive Editor

My New Year's resolution is to read at least three books next year that were published sometime after 2005 and were not written by women. Because I realized the other day that I can think of only two or three books I've read in the last couple of years that fit that criteria. I have a huge bias in favor of female writers and I need to make sure I'm keeping myself well rounded.
Tessa Woodward, Assistant Editor

What are your New Year's resolutions?


Blogger avagdro said:

Thanks for sharing.Well my resolutions include Organizing,Discipline,taking actions,stop complaining,comparing n cynicism.
My heartfelt New Year wishes to all the people around the globe.May this new bring lots of Joy,peace n prosperity where ever we are.Thank you.

Keep smiling!!!
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1:22 AM  

Blogger Erika said:

Hey, I was joking! Really!!

11:18 AM  

Anonymous Lucia said:

Hey, I like Erika's resolutions. I might just adopt them for my own.

1:58 PM  

Blogger Aditya said:

no new year resolutions! i never hang on to them..

11:55 PM  

Blogger Finny said:

my new year's resolution is to write my novel. finally.

I have a terrible habit of starting, fingers flying over the keyboard until I get to the meat of the story before I stop. Abruptly.

I need to actually FINISH the entire novel. :)

7:59 PM  

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