I love Target. And, at the risk of this post becoming a free ad for Target, I can't stress that enough.

Target has it all. Really cute cheap clothes by real designers, truly wonderful housewares, and enough $1.00 stuff to keep a person happy for months.

There was a time when I'd go to Target every week. I've stopped that now, due to the recent fiscal unpleasantness, but I'm still doing my bit to keep the economy moving, and much of that effort is place at Target.

Target also has books, and a wonderful program called Bookmarked. I'm loving Bookmarked right now because the featured title this month is Juliette Fay's SHELTER ME.

From the second I received Juliette's manuscript, I became determined to get this book published--by us! I remember how I started reading the manuscript and how annoyed I became if anyone dared interrupt me . (And trust me, it's a rare day when I can actually read at the office!)

You can, of course, also find this book at all the other usual spots (B&N; Borders; your local bookstore, Amazon). But no matter where you shop, I'm on a one-woman mission to make sure you read it!


Blogger J Perry Stone said:

First of all, I am so with you on Target.

I actually think I hear the Hallelujah Chorus when I walk through the doors.

Secondly, I just clicked on the book cover and man, does that sound great.

You've sold me.

5:05 PM  

Blogger Julie P. said:



5:32 PM  

Anonymous Akirah said:

Other than church, my mom's house, and in my boyfriend's arms, Target is probably my favorite place to be on this planet.

6:55 PM  

Blogger Karlana said:

Well, it looks like you all have placed up another fine pick for me to add to my TBR pile! It does look interesting from what I read for reviews and a synopsis!

9:23 PM  

Blogger JennaPetersen said:

Oh, I also love Target. I always find something when I go in there. Wasn't their some hub-bub in Manhattan a few years ago because there was a Target sign on a building. People thought an actual Target was being built there and then.... it turned out it was just an ad.


8:53 AM  

Anonymous Running mommy said:

Sounds like a wonderful book. And I just love the picture on the front.

7:13 AM  

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