When I joined Avon as an Editor back in 1994, the Editor in Chief promised me only one thing: I could edit Susan Elizabeth Phillips. That promise was enough to bring me to work on the fabulous romance program here as well as the one and only Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

Anyone who has read Susan before knows her books are wonderful and so vivid, I'm always surprised that none have been made into movies. Yet. But the best thing about 2009 (since there won't be a movie) is that there are two Susan books to enjoy.

First, we have GLITTER BABY. This publication is fun for so many reasons! Great story first published back in the 80s now rewritten; fabulous cover that has actual glitter.

You all must tell me if you like it and it's as noticeable in your local store as it is in my office, and the best part is this book features some characters that will travel to Susan's new hardcover.

WHAT I DID FOR LOVE. This book is so much fun! Almost as much fun as Susan herself!

The best part is that Susan will be on Romance Radio this month, and I have to ask her questions.

(Here we are after winning Rita Awards)

Please post any questions you are dying to ask Susan, and I promise to ask!


Anonymous Susan Helene Gottfried said:

No questions from me. I stopped in to gush over those covers. Awesome work, art department!

4:36 PM  

Anonymous Susan Elizabeth Phillips said:

Oh my gosh, Carrie! Where did that photo of us come from? Yikes! How could two such gorgeous women look like...well...THAT? LOL!

Thanks for all the lovely comments. I'm super excited about GLITTER BABY and WHAT I DID FOR LOVE. Not only did the cover fairy bless me with a great editor, but she blessed me with great Art Departments, too.

5:10 PM  

Blogger Tracey Devlyn said:


Hello from one of your Windy City sisters. Besides winning the Rita, what writing achievement stands out in you mind the most? Also, do you have a goal you'd like to accomplish for 2009?

Congrats on your two releases!

8:24 PM  

Blogger artalley said:

Love SEP - only one of my favorites! I will be looking to pick up the book as soon as it's out.

BTW, great cover on Glitter Baby.

Amy Talley

9:21 PM  

Blogger flchen1 said:

Hooray, Susan! I've been waiting ages for Glitter Baby to be reprinted, and am SO glad also to hear about your new release! I've got just about all your titles and will be adding these to the collection! :) Thank you for writing these fabulous books!

6:25 PM  

Blogger Rowena said:

Wow, I can't wait to read your next release....I'm such a huge fan of your Chicago Stars series, what's next after What I Did For Love?

9:37 PM  

Anonymous Runnning mommy said:

I love Susan Elisabeth Phillips' books! My favorite is Heaven Texas.

I love the story of Bobby Tom and Gracie.

11:43 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I would like to know if Susan ever gets inspired in any real life romance or if she had ever known a love story just as interesting as the ones she writes about?
I LOVE her books!
Maria (Brazil)

7:18 PM  

Anonymous Susan Elizabeth Phillips said:

Thanks for the lovely comments. And a big cheer for Windy City RWA. My biggest accomplishment will always be that first phone call all those years ago saying a real live publisher actually wanted to buy my book. I'll never forget that moment and, really, nothing can top it. Since then, my biggest highs always come from meeting readers, not from awards. As for real life inspiration...not so much, although I have to say when I see an elderly couple walking hand in hand, I totally choke up.

3:31 PM  

Blogger Brenda Bradshaw said:

Holy crap - what a great Sunday! I just finished re-reading AIN'T SHE SWEET and here Ms. Phillips is on the blog! Sugar Beth is my all time favorite character EVER, so I'm wondering which character is Ms. Phillips fave. (I just blogged about how Susan Elizabeth forces me to get no sleep once I start one of her novels - such timing.)

AND! I just got in from the store to sign papers for taxes (insert joy and rapture here) and yes, GLITTER BABY is that attention getting. I saw it and my hand shot out and I sighed. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous cover.

6:14 PM  

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