I have a small confession to make...

I'm terrible at being a girl.

When it comes to all those things that girls are supposed to be able to do "naturally"--walk in heels, cook edible food, miraculously put together the perfect outfit--I'm completely hopeless!

And, the thing that I am worst at? Putting on make-up. For some reason, I just never got the hang of it.

I've gone to the make-up counters, had countless professionals give me dazzling make-overs while explaining the process every step of the way, spent hundreds of dollars on all of the newest products, poured over beauty articles in magazines, all to no avail. I can never seem to replicate any of the looks at home.

Of course, walking around in New York City and even in the HarperCollins offices, I see stunning specimens of perfect make-up application taunting me at every turn. I am completely jealous of them. You know who I mean. Those ladies who just make it look so darn easy...

But the interesting thing I've learned (and maybe everyone else knew this already) is that, in fact, they may be just as hopeless as I am!

Second confession of the day: I do appreciate a nice little bit of schadenfreude.

You know how I learned the deep dark secret of all of these perfectly done up women? From Bella Hunter, the heroine of Nadine Haobsh's new book CONFESSIONS OF A BEAUTY ADDICT. Based very, very loosely on Nadine's own time as a beauty editor and "expert" at a very well known magazine, it shows the true story of just what goes on inside the world of magazines. Beauty Experts--they're just like us!

Take a look inside. I promise you'll have fun.

P.S. When I do have to dress up and actually attempt to "put on my face", I turn to Nadine's other book, BEAUTY CONFIDENTIAL. It is truly a lifesaver and I recommend it even to people who have more beauty acumen than I do.


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