So we're all book fans here--and romance fans in particular.

When I think about books, I can't help but marvel over the power of words. Phrasing, tone, language choice, emphasis, it all affects the power of the prose.

There are authors who can make the mundane extraordinary. For example, this little scene from Julia Quinn's upcoming novel where the hero and heroine, who have stolen a moment together during a Society function, prepare to return to the crowd:

They couldn't remain in the alcove all night, and so with much regret Olivia stood, perfected her posture, then looked over her shoulder at Harry and said, "Once more into the breach, dear friend."

I know she has borrowed from Shakespeare here, but she uses it in a truly Julia Quinn way. I can just see the expression between them and watch Olivia marching out from behind a curtain, and it made me smile.

There are authors who can bring emotion to the page and make us all feel every drop of it. Like this moment from Samantha James' THE SECRET PASSION OF SIMON BLACKWELL:

Simon lay sprawled on his stomach. Holding her breath, she extracted herself little by little, easing herself away. Anne wasn't quite sure she could have explained it, but she didn't want to be with him when he woke. She wouldn't be in his bed--and not his heart.

It's simply stated (it's not easy to pull a very emotional moment out of context...), but the deep emotion is there, and who can't relate to this?

Then there's the kind of line that is written in a historical romance but is completely universal: There’s not a woman alive who can't go from point A to point B without going to C, D, X and 12 first. - Julia Quinn, "ROMANCING MISTER BRIDGERTON" Those words touch all of us, admit it!

This also makes me think about a short video that a friend sent to me. The text is written by a 20 year old for a contest entitled You at 50. You have to listen to the whole thing. I think it's just brilliant and speaks to the strength of words and the importance of how those words are perceived.

To you gifted authors, keep writing and giving us strength and enjoyment through your words. And to you readers, keep reading, learning, enjoying, appreciating, and sharing!

I will also share with you an upcoming book from another favorite author of mine, who can turn a phrase with the best of them: LOVE WITH THE PERFECT SCOUNDREL by Sophia Nash. It's pure pleasure to read.

Whose writing do you love? Whose words have influenced you?


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