Okay, it's the day after.

Whether you're a sports fan yourself, you're saddled with one, or you're surrounded with kids or colleagues who are sports fanatics, you know that yesterday was Super Sunday. It's pretty difficult to escape it all together. I happen to be a sports fan, so we had friends over and kids running wild, and I actually got to see the most exciting parts of the game.

It was a pretty darn exciting game! It even got bloody at my house when my little one got into the fray with the older kids and ended up with a bloody mouth. But she wasn't sidelined for long. Chewed on a little ice, ate a few grapes, and back into it she went, laughing and running and having a ball.

Best part, though, was when the guys were all focused on a replay of one of the really exciting moments, and my baby girl (19 months old) took the remote and--I kid you not--switched the channel to the movie WHAT WOMEN WANT. My husband practically fell off the couch laughing, and I was thinking that's a girl after my own heart.

Then, I thought what better segue into the romance blog!! And I have to go classic with this one. It calls for a look back at Susan Elizabeth Phillips' gems featuring the Chicago Stars football team. Whether it's the players (NOBODY'S BABY BUT MINE and THIS HEART OF MINE) that you love or the coaches (IT HAD TO BE YOU), you'll find the perfect morning after romance with Susan.

When you've fallen for Susan's football jocks all over again, don't wait to check out her new book, WHAT I DID FOR LOVE. Susan never disappoints!

I definitely believe there's something to the mix of sports and romance (I met my husband playing volleyball, after all...), and I can't help but think about how many romances might have been brewing at Super Bowl parties all over the country last night. Surely there were some.

Have you ever had a sports-related romance? And that could be athletes, fans, coaches, or any such combination. Or, barring that, have you read any amazing sports-based romance novels?? Do share!


Blogger ESI said:

Oh wow. That little girl is hilarious. I hope you guys are prepared for what's to come!

3:05 PM  

Blogger Caroline Linden said:

The child already knows how to keep the guys in line; that's good mothering. ;-)

I'd love to see more sports in romance--not necessarily with a leading character as a professional athlete, but just as part of a story. Like two people who meet and fall in love because they keep running into each other at the same sports bar to watch the game. If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, the way to his mind might be through comprehensive knowledge of the Red Sox (to choose one random example...)

3:32 PM  

Blogger Santa said:

Naturally the first author to come to my mind is SEP. I've also enjoyed Carly Phillips' books.

As to real life romances, do crushes on football, soccer and wrestlers in high school count, lol.

10:45 PM  

Anonymous Lyssa said:

I'll take the good mothering comment! :) And no, Esi, we're in no way prepared for this child, but we sure are entertained!

High school crushes definitely count! And I love the idea about the sports bar meeting place. Who's going to write it?? Love the way to his mind is through sports. Is there a Regency equivalent to this? Fencing? Hunting? Faro?

3:45 PM  

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