Dear Readers,

I'd like to send this apology for missing Valentine's Day this year. After all, this is the day that celebrates romance and, love the holiday or hate it, it's really a big day for romance and we just blew it. I spent Valentine's Day drinking champagne and eating Red Velvet Cake, neither of which is conducive to writing, I'll admit.

Since I'm writing the apology post, I'm going to push two of the books I've edited that are out this February. The first is WHERE THE HEART LEADS by Stephanie Laurens. This is ins the stores right now, so you don't have to have any delayed gratification--go to the store, purchase and begin reading!

The next is the upcoming TEMPTED BY HIS KISS by Tracy Anne Warren. This is Tracy Anne's Avon debut, and will be out at the end of the month.

As for why we missed it, well, I could make some lame excuses, but I think the true answer is that it was on a weekend this year and we just sort of forgot to write about it. The day came hard on the heels of another holiday around here that we also like...Yep, Groundhog Day.

(This is a photo of Staten Island Chuck, who, on his big day, bit the mayor of NYC, perhaps in protest of ever-rising taxes and subway fares. Here, he's being awfully cute and eating a carrot stick)

And there was also Presidents' Day. (You may mentally insert an image of your fave president here.)


Anonymous lunaticg said:

love to see yours island chuck!
cute picture of him.
See you around.

3:09 AM  

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