If you start reading Jordan Dane's EVIL WITHOUT A FACE today, I am afraid that you won't be coming up for air until the weekend's over, which would be a shame because you won't get any sleep Saturday night and end up missing the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

Jordan's suspenseful story about an abducted teenager and the rush to save her really is a page turner. As an editor, I read a LOT of suspense submissions but, when Jordan's first manucript came across my desk, I knew she was the real deal.

Scary, complex, fast-paced, and with a topic that is "ripped from the headlines," EVIL WITHOUT A FACE is an exciting novel that isn't for anyone who is scared of the dark.

And, what's even more exciting is that Thursday, February 26th, at 2pm I'll be talking with Jordan on Authors on Air. Tune in then and listen to Jordan talk about how she gets her ideas, how she began to write, and what is coming next.


Anonymous dawn said:

I was just looking for a new fiction book to read -
Thanks for the review on "Evil Without A Face."
I believe I would like it, and I'll go pick it up today!

4:40 PM  

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