It finally feels like summer has hit New York City, and it’s been a long time coming! Every year, the arrival of summer is rejuvenating. It makes everyone smile a little bit more and step a little more lively.

Everyone seems excited for the delights that summer brings: the warm weather, fun summer clothes, cool fruity drinks, and hot romances! That’s what we have in store for you with debut Avon Romance star Lavinia Kent's A TALENT FOR SIN.

Although she is a newly published author, Lavinia brings a depth of talent to her work. Her characters and settings are fresh and delightful, her turn of phrase is unique and distinctive, her wit shines, and her sensuality scorches (which is just right for the advent of summer!).

When you step into Lavinia Kent’s Regency England, you will meet Violet, Lady Carrington, who possesses everything a spirited woman could want. Money, freedom, and a young lover to attend to her whims. But when that young lover demands more than the trifling relationship Violet has granted him, she refuses. Deep down, she believes he deserves an innocent, blushing bride...not a woman with a talent for sin. But what she doesn’t realize is that her lover might actually be as wicked as she is...and that they are perfectly matched.

This is a debut that sizzles! Pick up a copy and turn up the heat. It’s the right season for it. What are you waiting for???

What other great new romances have you discovered recently? What drew you to them?


Blogger Caffey said:

Oh this sounds beautiful! I love Regency romances and also love reading debuts and my favorites. More often than not, reading debuts become favorite authors too!

Congrats Lavinia!

9:53 AM  

Anonymous Molly Harper said:

Wow! Lavinia Kent is a new keeper and I can't wait for more! Your heroine is, sexy and really believable! Did you think there would be a lot of interest in an older woman, young stud lover? Your writing is so polished...and this is your first book? Did you have to write a lot of books before you got published? When is the new one out? Can't!

10:35 AM  

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