...or, Why I Hate Flip-Flops

One of the sleeper hits of this summer is an Avon A book, THE BEACH HOUSE, written by Georgia Bockoven.

THE BEACH HOUSE is the perfect summer read, as I'm sure you could tell by the title and the adoreable flip-flops on the front cover. In it, different couples find their lives changed after they spend some time at, you guessed it, a beach house.

The book is just wonderful, but the flip-flops are sort of a pet peeve of mine. I see women, especially in New York City, walking around town in them all summer long. They wear them when it's below 60 degrees; they wear them in the rain, which can't be very safe; they wear them all over the place.

I am no fan of the flip-flop, unless you are at the beach (or in a dormitory shower!). First off, everyone who walks in them walks "funny." You don't want to believe this, but it's true. Sorry. Do you really want your feet practically exposed to all the gross stuff on the streets?

Twice I have had large rodents come into contact with my shoes! I don't want to think of how much MORE horrified I'd have been if I were wearing flip-flops.

Remember the young women who wore flip-flops to the White House? They're so cute and happy and well dressed, but the flip flops didn't work for me. I take heart in that Clinton and Stacy would surely agree with me.

Men in flip-flops (or mandals!) are even worse. But that's another story.


Blogger Erika said:

I can't agree more! Flip-flops have their place - on the beach, at a backyard bbq...but never at the office and certainly not to meet the President of the USA!

9:51 PM  

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