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For our book talk next week, Elizabeth Boyle has chosen two romance classics: THE GRAND SOPHY by Georgette Heyer and THE BLUE CASTLE by L.M. Montgomery.

For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Georgette Heyer was known as the Queen of Regency Romance--some credit her as being the person who started the historical romance genre. In THE GRAND SOPHY, first published in 1950, young Sophy moves in with her aunt’s family and becomes the talk of the town.

In THE BLUE CASTLE, 29-year-old spinster Valancy Stirling (how did Lucy Maud think of these names?) decides to leave her stifling home once she discovers she suffers from a terminal heart ailment. In what she believes are her last days on earth, she encounters the man she hopes to marry--if she lives long enough.

I have to admit that although I devoured the Anne and Emily books, I never did read what I thought of as the other L. M. Montgomery books: THE BLUE CASTLE, PAT OF SILVER BUSH, JANE OF LANTERN HILL, etc. And, between Anne and Emily, I always identified more with Emily in her personality and literary aspirations (although not her psychic abilities). Plus, she had dark hair instead of red!

What are you favorite romance classics? And are you an Anne or an Emily?

Oh, and don't forget Thursday, May 14th


Blogger WebbieLady said:

Hmmm.. you made me think about that question. I actually don't have fave roman classics.. Seems that I dont read romance books at all...

Am the kind who likes the science fiction type but all the same, there's always romance inside it, right?

1:12 AM  

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