With Mother's Day nearly upon us, don't forget to pick up a great book for mom. Then, make sure part of your gift is giving her the peace and quiet to enjoy said book.

Here are some great suggestions...hot off the presses. Happy Mother's Day!

Kerrelyn Sparks' FORBIDDEN NIGHTS WITH A VAMPIRE. Vanda Barkowski is a vampire with a BAD temper who is sentenced to anger management classes. Phil Jones, the mortal who sponsors her, has tamed his own beast within. Together, things get undeniably hot under the collar. Mom deserves a little steam with her latte on Mother's Day.
HOME REPAIR by Liz Rosenberg. Eve has lost two husbands: one in a tragic car accident and one to a vanishing act right in the middle of their garage sale. Different circumstances, same outcome. She's left with the son from her first husband, the daughter from her second husband, and her mother who comes to "help." But life goes on. Eve might even end up learning that she's gained much more than she's lost. A great story of love, family, and survival, and a perfect way to show mom how much she's appreciated.
LARRY'S KIDNEY by Daniel Asa Rose. Okay this is not women's fiction, but it is just wacky enough that mom might just love it. Larry Feldman desperately needed a kidney. After two god-awful years on dialysis while waiting on a transplant list behind 74,000 other Americans, he decided to risk everything and travel to China, the controversial kingdom of organ transplants. But, since he was already shelling out for a trip to China, he decided to make it a twofer: He arranged to pick up an email-order bride while he was at it.

So begins the quest to rejuvenate Larry's failing body and ever-romantic heart, while avoiding getting tossed into a Chinese slammer. An unforgettable adventure filled with Red Guards who waltz at midnight and former enemies who prove more true than family, LARRY'S KIDNEY is the funniest yet most heartwarming book of the year. What better gift for mom?

Lots of great choices. Or, don't make a choice and get them all!

I, of course, already got the marigolds my son planted in pre-K and the card he made. Love them!! But I wouldn't mind a good book to go with it. Hint hint!

What was your favorite mother's day gift--to give or get?


Blogger J Perry Stone said:

I once got breakfast in bed.

Bread balls (bread you squish in a dirty palm and then roll up) and homemade syrup (still a mystery).

I'm sorta hoping there is no encore.

7:51 PM  

Anonymous Lisa Olech said:

I got the sweetest 'hand print' card from my youngest son some years ago. What made it so special was that he had broken his arm and he was in a cast. So his right hand print was pristine in blue tempra paint and three little, smudged, royal fingerprints were all that were represented from his left!

And as I pack him up to head of to college in the fall, now 6'4" and amazingly handsome, I tuck those mother's moments and memories close to my heart.

8:03 PM  

Blogger Trish said:

Actually, the first year that I had a full time job, I decided to give my mom a ring. Not just any ring, but a diamond ring. I thought I had lost her wedding set when I was a child and in the back of my mind, I wanted to buy her a ring to go with the band that she wore, to make up for what I had lost. Well, I had to be sneaky about it (even though she figured out that I was going to do something like that for a Christmas present), so I waited until mother's day and bought her 1/4 caret diamond ring. Talk about shock! When I explained why I bought the ring for her, she informed me that what I had lost hadn't been real and that the ring she wore was her original wedding band. Anyway though, she loved the ring and wore it for many years until my dad bought her a new wedding set. It will be passed down to my daughter, from my mother.

11:08 AM  

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