Happy Cinqo de Mayo!

In honor of this holiday that is especially popular in Mexico and the US (among many non-Mexicans who don’t even know what they’re celebrating--other than another cerveza or margarita), I couldn’t help but remember the great international bestseller LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE by Laura Esquivel. It’s a very poignant love story between Tita and Pedro, that is cleverly told in monthly installments with recipes.

Through food, Tita expresses her passion for the man she is forbidden to have. Through her cooking, all who partake are infused with her intense feelings. It’s a wonderful, mythical, surreal story about the power of love--and food.

If you’re in the mood for a story collection to celebrate Cinqo de Mayo, I suggest you give NAMES I CALL MY SISTER a try. With stories from Mary Castillo (who I know is Mexican-American), Berta Platas, Lynda Sandoval, and Sofia Quintero, you can’t go wrong. It’s a high energy, spicy anthology of love, family, scandal, and sisterhood.

Settle in with some guacamole, a margarita, and a book by your favorite Mexican or Latina writer and enjoy the celebration. When evening falls, I know I’ll be listening to the lively tunes of the mariachi band that will be blaring from the most rockin’ Mexican restaurant in NYC, which happens to be down the street from my apartment.

What favorite Latina writer will you be celebrating with on Cinqo de Mayo?


Anonymous Laura Castoro said:

I missed this on Cinqo De Mayo but I'm glad I scrolled to it. I now have another "must read" book on my list. I've read Mary Castillo and can't wait to become acquainted with the other authors.

Thanks for the recommendation! I think the best way to learn about another culture is through reading. Fiction gives us the added bonus of an emotional connection.

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