I sometimes hear from reviewers and readers that Avon doesn't publish non-Regency or Victorian set romances, but we actually do!

We've had historical romances set in Italy, pirate romances, a forthcoming Viking romance, and we also have medieval romances!

When I was younger, I devoured all of Julie Garwood's enchanting books and, for me, Jude Deveraux really set the standard in her time travel medieval romances A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR and REMEMBRANCE. So I love this time period and I'm thrilled that Julia Latham's latest "League of the Blade" book is out now.

Some of you may already know that Julia Latham is the alter-ego of Victorian-set romance writer Gayle Callen. In her medieval series, Gayle really has the opportunity to get down and dirty with her sexy and strong hero and heroines!

What do you think, should we be doing more medieval romances? Who are some of your favorite medieval romance authors?


Blogger Evangeline said:

I always love a good, thick, and juicy, knights-and-intrigue Medieval romance. I can read and re-read the ones written by Betina Krahn, Teresa Medeiros, Roberta Gellis, Robyn Carr, Marsha Canham and Laura Kinsale and still find them fresh and new.

2:16 PM  

Blogger Pam P said:

Taken and Seduced is in the mail to me now, I love medievals and yes, want to see more of them, as do several of my online friends. Read all those earlier Garwoods, McNaught,Medeiros and so many others; wish Madeline Hunter would write some more medievals. Lately I've been finding some good ones at smaller pubs, like Paula Quinn and Catherine McKean. I sure do hope to see more in the coming year and authors who had to stop writing them start getting those contracts again.

11:24 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I enjoy medievals also...Garwood is the best at that...my Top of the list FAVORITE book ever.. is
Keeper of the Dream
by Penelope Williamson

It is the PERFECT historical I 've read.....at the end of the day all I want is a good story, that touches me .. Tal

8:34 AM  

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