Nathan Fillion is my hero...

There was mention in a comment Tuesday about Captain Tight Pants (aka Mal Reynolds from FIREFLY), and, ever since then, I can't get Nathan Fillion out of my head, especially since he's back on TV on ABC's CASTLE.


Hot heroes fuel much of women's imaginations, especially when we're reading romance. One of my friends is particularly fond of George Clooney; another used to imagine herself married to Johnny Depp.

These days, we see many of our romances come to life on both big and small screen--Nora Roberts had 4 of her books made into TV movies recently. Then, there's Stephenie Meyer's TWILIGHT, and let's not forget Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse series. I, myself, am particularly fond of Elizabeth Young's THE WEDDING DATE--Dermot Mulroney is another hot hero.

So, sometimes, I picture Nathan Fillion as a hero when I read. He could be the vampire in Lynsay Sands' THE IMMORTAL HUNTER...

...or he can be the Marquess of Kayne in Laura Lee Guhrke's SECRET DESIRES OF A GENTLEMAN...

...or the man behind the brooding eyes in Kathryn Smith's BEFORE I WAKE.

The possibilities are endless! Nathan Fillion. Sigh.


Blogger joy said:

That's Nathan - jack-of-all-trades hero. Busy guy. Nice post.

2:02 PM  

Blogger Gin said:

Hmmm. Now you have me looking through my recent book stack, casting for heroes. I see Mr. Fillion as a partly redeemed rogue, a mischief-maker with a past, willing to bend the rules and using his charm to wiggle free. Maybe a Viscount, but definitely not a Duke.

I'll audition him tonight in Some Like It Wicked (Medeiros) and let you know how it goes.

3:23 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Add me to the list of gals happy to have Mr. Fillion back on my tv screen.

My go-to hero is Jensen Ackles (Dean from Supernatural). IMDB him if you don't know who he is--you won't be disappointed.

5:32 PM  

Blogger Erika said:

Oh, we know who Jensen Ackles is, PCC! You have good taste : )

Yes, Gin, let us know how Some Like It Wicked works for you.

And Joy, I'm pretty sure I have you to thank for the NF crush.

8:50 PM  

Anonymous Vicki said:

I prefer Clive Owen. For obvious reasons...

10:03 AM  

Blogger Kathryn S said:

You HAVE to love Nathan! I think one of his best roles was as creepy Caleb on Buffy. So evil. And, of course, he was amazing as Captain Hammer. I'm loving him on Castle. He's definitely hero material.

Ditto on Jensen. You know, I didn't find him attractive on Smallville, but as Dean Winchester, he is amazing. I think maybe I have thing for the 'smart a*s' hero.

Thanks for posting the fab pic of NF, Erika. And for mentioning BIW. I think Nathan would make a good Verek. ;-)

10:57 AM  

Blogger Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said:

Now I have to have a Firefly marathon!

6:54 PM  

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