I'm going to stick with the paranormal theme for today's blog. Not because everywhere I go in my office, the haunting eyes of Jaime Rush's incredibly awesome cover seem to follow me, but because something happened two weeks ago that had a huge impact on my life.

Yes, that's right, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ended. And, I am not pleased.

Now, I don't mean just about the way the show ended (though you should NOT get me started on the number of unanswered questions that I have) but more because I now have to figure out something else to do with my time.

What's that you say? Read a book? How novel!

But I am going to miss having something to talk about with my fellow editors early Monday mornings. Going over the intricacies of the final five was the perfect way to adjust from the weekend to the work week! It helps that there were quite a few rabid BSG fans among us.

If you check out the "What the Frak" posts on the EOS imprint's blog, you might see some familiar names in the comments! Yes, the Avon editors are obsessed. They got me hooked pretty recently but I was a whole-hearted convert very quickly. (There's actually a story about the weekend: I was too sick to leave my apartment, so I watched the entire 3rd season in 36 hours.)

Here's what I need to know from you, dear blog readers: What should our next all-Avon obsession be? I'd love to find a great book series. Any suggestions??

Also, if you've figured out who Daniel was, please, please let me know!


Blogger joy said:

For sure, Tessa, I was expecting the byline on this post to be Erika.

Now that BSG has completed its run, I'm thinking eventually I may actually watch it - once the full set of DVDs comes out.

Hope you're feeling better - I live for those weekends of full-on marathoning.

Though some of you have already mentioned them before...you could do the BBC thing, and each take a major BBC/ITV miniseries (Little Dorrit, Lost in Austen, Cranford, North & South, etc.) and do a blogpost on how you guys would have edited them on paper.

(I'm not going to lie, Erika would have to review North & South, so that she'll watch it, and finally admit that Thornton is the most awesome hero to ever awesome.)

11:55 AM  

Anonymous Emily said:

I wouldn't mind revisiting our _Veronica Mars_ obsession.

12:26 PM  

Blogger Erika said:

Wouldn't want to be predictable, Joy : )

9:48 PM  

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