I'm not the editor of this book, but Shauna Reid's journey of losing 175 pounds is so inspiring I wanted to share it with you. (You can also check out Shauna's video on the Avon Books website.) Her story is inspiring, touching and at times funny.

Weight is such a complicated female issue. I don't know anyone who isn't affected by it. Recently I was reading comments on another website where comments doubted the existence of size 0. Well let me tell you, size 0 is alive and well and walking around the streets of NYC.

New York, NY is a town where anything over a 6 is considered beyond the pale. It makes my size 10 on a good day downright obese. I recently left a chain store because I couldn't find anything over a 4, and not on the sale rack either.

Like most women, I've been up and I've been down and I tend not to worry about it, but I gain around my middle, which has made for some embarrassing scenes on the subway. While my truly pregnant friends can't get a seat, strangers have leapt to their feet, love to make me sit down. One kind soul was so persistent, I finally had to explain I'm just so tired in the morning that I'd forgotten to suck it in! (Note to Samaritans: unless someone looks like MIA prancing around the Grammy's, you should take "no" for an answer!)

But back to The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, I think anyone would be inspired by Shauna's amazing story. It's not solely a story of weight loss, but a story of how she begins to love herself. And, after all, that is often the first step to happiness.


Blogger Shu Fen said:

hey! just dropping by ^^ great book recommendations! keep up the good work :D

3:57 PM  

Anonymous Joseph singleton said:

Hi thanks for your inspiring article. I hope it would inspire me to loose weight eagerly. I would be great to loose faster in this coming days....

9:52 PM  

Blogger LuciaMacro said:

I think the story is very inspiring and I hope you do, too. Weight Watchers and, of course, help from my Dr. worked for me, but different things work for different people. Good luck!

12:35 PM  

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