Whenever I'm down by the federal courthouse in lower Manhattan (which, unfortunately, means I'm there for jury duty), I'm reminded of author Michele Martinez and her series about federal prosecutor Melanie Vargas.

This courthouse features prominently in the beginning of her latest book, NOTORIOUS, which is now available in paperback. Melanie is standing in front of the building talking with the lawyer for a famous rapper when he's suddenly blown away by a car bomb. Melanie escapes with her life--but only for the moment, as she's now the sole witness to the murder.

What Michele Martinez does so well is that she guides you along the crooked corridors of New York criminal law with a firm but fun hand. After all, she spent eight years as a federal prosecutor in NYC, so she knows what she's talking about!

Melanie Vargas is a great heroine--smart and feisty, yet prone to the vulnerabilities of life as a suddenly single mother. In this book, she tries to come to terms with her on-again-off again relationship with hunky FBI agent Dan O'Reilly, with whom she heated up the pages in the past.

So, if you like some romance with your suspense, you might want to try the other books in the Melanie Vargas series: MOST WANTED, THE FINISHING SCHOOL, and COVER-UP.


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