Another author I worked with in my first months at Avon is Rachel Gibson. Now, the first book I edited of hers was SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, but I recently blogged about that book. So, instead, I'm going to revisit TRUE CONFESSIONS, which I worked on a little bit later.

TRUE CONFESSIONS has chapters called "Man Spontaneously Combusts" (Fun fact: I am oddly fascinated by the concept of spontaneous combustion) and "Boy Grows Potatoes in his Ears," (which I just think is a funny image). There is also toilet tossing, and you really haven't lived till you've discovered what that's all about!

This story of opposites attracting in a tiny town of Idaho is irresistible. Plus, the heroine writes for the equivalent of the Weekly World News. When this tabloid stopped printing a few years ago, hearts broke in supermarkets across the country. Where else could you learn about Bat Boy, Merfolk, Aliens, and Elvis...all in one issue? Luckily, it can still be found online.

You'll all be curious to know that Siegfried and Roy have recently made Cher disappear. I hope they bring her back, because I've always had a soft spot for Cher.


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ah - wonderful!

We want to hear more about this book :)


Weekly World News

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