The title of Samantha James’s latest novel, BRIDE OF A WICKED SCOTSMAN, has gotten me thinking about all the different possible kinds of Scotsmen out there: the suave Scotsman (Sean Connery), the dreamy Scotsman (Ewan McGregor), the heroic Scotsman (Mel Gibson in a kilt)...

Samantha's Scotsman is Alec McBride, Duke of Gleneden, who possesses the Circle of Light, an enchanted Celtic relic that was handed down from a pirate ancestor. Trouble is, it rightfully belongs to Lady Maura O'Donnell, who thinks that if she marries Alec, she'll be able to retrieve the family's rightful heirloom and restore prosperity.

But, when Alec realizes what Maura is up to, the marriage born of deviousness becomes something else altogether...

Who are your favorite Scotsmen, wicked or not?


Blogger Meg89 said:


I stumbled here and wanted to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your template.

Happy Reading!

3:05 AM  

Anonymous Zetta Brown said:

My favorite Scotsman is my husband. The most romantic man ever. Definately the best ;)

8:43 AM  

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